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Let us help piece together your ideal web-based workflow! Looking for dedicated PHP or Perl coders for your web-based application? Custom software solutions for the web are our specialty! Trying to manage your business workflow with WordPress Plugins can be a nightmare! While a web application developer can allow you to build highly custom functionality, it can be slower and more expensive to develop.

Before going to the expense and trouble of custom software, we generally check to see if our clients are open to using brandable, white label solutions that are availble for lease or by subscription. Tera Bear Consulting provides full hosting, support and customization for all the products below.

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Health and Wellness Business

Purpose: BasixWellness is a comprehensive, employer-supported, branded, wellness program and designed as a benefit for employees by their employers.

BasixWellness is a comprehensive health and wellness education and engagement tool. Features:

  • Web-based diet and fitness tracking.
  • Multi-tiered administrative reporting
  • Graphical food database
  • BMI and other calculations and warnings
  • Chart-based Reporting, Incentives, and Health Alerts
  • Stand-alone fitness and wellness audio and video library.
  • Automated, 30-day fitness and wellness programs.

Wellness programs which track diet and exercise and monitoring for certain criteria helps users to stay on top of their health risks. BasixWellness takes the full approach of diet and exercise tracking, video and audio fitness instruction, health tips and warnings, and detailed reporting.

BasixWellness is also an engagement tool that gives your brand exposure and allows you to promote the vendors, advertisers, or in-house campaigns you want your employees or members to be aware about and take advantage of. You can also customize they platform with your own videos and content to project the right messages about fitness and health that motivate them in the areas your company wants to emphasize most.

Secure Messaging Service | WordSecure Messaging

Purpose: Tera Bear Consulting managed the development of this system, from concept to completion. WordSecure allows users to exchange secure messages to approved recipients over an encrypted SSL/TLS web environment. Data is encrypted both at rest, and in transit.


  • Works just like email, but using point-to-point encryption.
  • Email or SMS notifications of all messages.
  • Strong 256 bit encryption.
  • Control who can subscribe.
  • Up to 10 attachments per message.
  • Not in the Cloud.
  • Basic API available.

Content Distribution | Capitol Coverage Project

Purpose: We collaborated with radio stations throughout Colorado to provide a fast, custom, simple and secure means of distributing audio to public radio stations across the western United States via a secure, password protected, web content management system. Recorded and uploaded from the Colorado State Capitol in Denver, these brief audio reports are immediately made available for high-quality broadcast.


  • immediate posting and notification to groups via email of audio reports submitted to the website in .mp3.
  • The files posted may be streamed or downloaded.
  • Password-protected, Multi-user system allowing for multiple reporters.
  • Basic fields include headline, description, SOQ, and MP3 audio file upload.
  • Built-in RSS Feed functionality included.
  • Built-in Search and Archive.
  • Written in PHP and MySQL
Content Management Software | Pro Artist Websites

Purpose: Designed as a comprehensive, stand-alone, web-builder tool Pro Artist Websites offers easy-to-use website building and content management system. This system can be branded for your organization to host and sell websites under this platform, and is an easy-to-use alternative to WordPress.


  • Create and run multiple websites, each with their own account.
  • Easy-to-use interface with no knowledge of coding required.
  • Customize a template and choose your own fonts and colors.
  • Build multiple web pages with text, images and hyperlinks.
  • Audio and Video uploads and built-in playback.
  • Photo Gallery Section.
  • SEO Friendly.
  • Venue Database and Event and Calendar.
  • Written in Perl and MySQL.

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