Database Design and Development

At the heart of almost every complex web application is a database. Databases, such as MySQL, allow for the dynamic manipulation and presentation of data, be it text, images, video, or even other databases! Most of the time databases store and manipulate text residing in the database itself, but sometimes they allow for the manipulation of files living on the server's hard disk. While a programming language such as PHP usually does the manipulations, where the files reside and what kind they are usually reside in a database. Database design and development requires a thoughtful and efficient approach to the long-term goals of the software and ultimately, the end-user. Tera Bear Consulting has designed some whopper databases for our clients over the years and is well-versed in their uses and implementation.

Featured database design and development projects from our Website Development Company Portfolio:
CMS Software | Pro Artist Websites

Pro Artist Websites offers easy-to-use website building and management tools for musicians, businesses, families, and just about anyone who has text, images, audio and/or video to deliver via the web. This comprehensive web-based content management system (CMS Software) was developed by Tera Bear Consulting to provide an easy, affordable way to distribute content over the internet and includes an integrated contact management database and events calendar. We also offer expert managed WordPress hosting for those who need something more diverse and sophisticated.

Web Content Management | Capitol Coverage Project

We collaborated with KGNU Community Radio in Boulder in 2000 to provide a custom, database-driven, fast, simple, and secure means of distributing audio to public radio stations across the western United States via a secure, password protected, web content management system. Recorded and uploaded from the Colorado State Capitol in Denver, these brief audio reports are immediately made available for high-quality broadcast over public radio airwaves most days across Colorado when the state legislature is in session.

Perl Development | Higher Education Survey System provides a flexible, secure, web-based survey application written in Perl to assist university and college health care administrators determine policy and planning priorities based on input from students, parents, faculty and staff. Complex cross-referencing of data based on questions and demographics among multiple schools makes this application unparalleled in its versatility and usefulness to universities and other institutions. We provide ongoing development, hosting and support to this project originally developed by AES Consulting and Stephen L. Beckley and Associates, Inc.

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