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We are a Colorado web development company serving clients since 2002. Tera Bear consults on and supports a variety of projects including custom web development, responsive, and scalable websites and web applications, system administration, web server installations, configurations and backups, cost/benefit analysis of open source software alternatives, and Google search optimization for businesses. Tera Bear also builds highly functional, security-focused, web and mobile applications, ecommerce sites, as well as scalable, content-driven, user-updatable websites of all sizes. Our clients include marketing companies, mass media establishments, insurance brokerage firms, ivy league schools, musicians, artists, scientists, radio stations, and other businesses requiring high-quality, custom products and web-based services for their clients.

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  • Tera Bear Consulting Web Application Development Company wishes you and your family a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2014!

  • Start the new year right by making your dream web application a reality. We offer a scalable team of talented and experienced web developers, designers, and project managers who will make your project their number one priority in a way that fits your timeline and budget. Contact Tera Bear Consulting today!

  • Want to get more visitors to your website's natural environment? Contact us about an SEO Keyword Analysis and on-page site optimization today! Search Engine Optimization is an often overlooked but vital part of bringing relevant traffic to your site. It's like high-powered fertilizer for your web presence!

  • Just as Julius Caeser ignored the signs, many health care organizations and those responsible for protected health information (PHI) are still ignoring the warnings about implementing best practices for HIPAA compliance. The fines are high and loss of reputation inevitable for those not taking responsible action. Word Secure Messaging is the easiest way to send information securely. Sign up Today!

  • Like the proverbial cobbler, Tera Bear's own website had been going barefoot for way too long. We took advantage of the lull after the holidays to treat ourselves to a bit of our own talents and restate our case: You want us working for you. C'mon, you know you do.

  • Colorado Radio stations came to us in 2000 with a problem of how to announce and distribute audio and store content online. Things have changed alot on the internet in 10 years so we provided them with a much-needed makeover. Capcov.org has been with Tera Bear since the very beginning. Thank you!

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