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About Tera Bear Consulting

We are a Colorado web development company that has been providing internet solutions for businesses and organizations since 2002. Tera Bear Consulting provides expert consulting on internet application design, development, integration, and support right through to maintenance. We have completed a wide variety of internet application development projects including custom web development, secure websites, Linux and UNIX server hosting and administration, application hosting, and Google search optimization for businesses.

Tera Bear Consulting also builds highly functional, security-focused, web and mobile-friendly applications, ecommerce sites, as well as scalable, content-driven, user-updatable websites and custom FreeBSD internet servers to handle almost any situation. Our clients include marketing companies, mass media establishments, insurance brokerage firms, ivy league schools, musicians, artists, scientists, radio stations, and other businesses requiring high-quality, custom products and web-based services for their organizations, as well as to better-serve their clients.

To that end, we maintain and can often continue development on legacy systems, depending of the nature of the goals. In order to support custom legacy applications, we will build and maintain custom Unix and Linux dedicated servers for our clients, provide secure hosting, server maintenance, and backup as well as recovery solutions! Contact us or Call Jon today at 303-818-5187.

Projects & News

  • Thanks to all our valued clients for trusting us with their hosting, web application and system integration needs throughout the years. We are proud to have provided 14 years of custom, professional service building secure, web systems, and hosting both new and legacy web applications here on the backbone of the internet in Colorado! We have helped dozens of well-known, and startup companies since 2002. How can we help you?

  • Wake up that sleepy project from the winter duldrums! Get Tera Bear Consulting to help you plan and finally get that web application project off the ground! We offer competitive rates on soup-to-nuts service, from planning to hosting and maintenance. Call us today: 303-818-5187.

  • Jon Lybrook and Tera Bear Consulting wish you and your family the grandest of holiday seasons! Giving thanks and wishing joy, prosperity, and peace to everyone now and throughout Thanksgiving, Christmas, or your favorite holiday of choice, and the new year!

  • ...Time for finally getting that web development problem you needed to solve a year ago off your todo list! Contact Tera Bear Consulting today for a free consultation about your project today! 303-818-5187

  • Start the new year right by making your dream web application a reality. We offer a scalable team of talented and experienced web developers, designers, and project managers who will make your project their number one priority in a way that fits your timeline and budget. Contact Tera Bear Consulting today!

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