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Owner, Tera Bear Consulting
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Jon Lybrook is the owner and chief developer at Tera Bear Consulting in Boulder, Colorado. With close to twenty years of professional experience in the areas of production engineering, web development, and system security, Jon has held key roles with diverse and prominent companies including The Geological Society of America, International Language Engineering (now Lionbridge), Genomica, Inc., KGNU Community Radio, The Capital Coverage Project, Foster Parents Plan, and others prior to forming in 2002.

Now and Then...

Since that time, Tera Bear Consulting has completed dozens of web-based systems and websites under the leadership of Mr. Lybrook. From orchestrating one of the earliest webcasts from the historic Boulder Theater for the world-reknown and in April of 2000, to highly complex interactive health and wellness software for , Tera Bear Consulting has a solid track record of achieving success on projects with organizations and entrepreneurs interested in breaking new ground, and following through on creating their long-term vision.

Tera Bear Consulting's Philosophy

When asked about his business, Jon Lybrook said "Transparency and doing what is right is a key principle for effective business and personal strategies for me and our team. We love our clients and believe in the work they do and help them achieve their goals. We dedicate ourselves to producing the best product for them at the best value with openness, thoughtfulness, and professionalism."

More about Jon Lybrook

A graduate of Bard College with a degree in filmmaking, with an early interest in theatrical production work, Jon's real-world experience with creative thinking and working with people has given him the opportunity to develop effective, complex, custom systems for clients, while at the same time helping them by providing guidance on balancing the constraints of functionality, security, cost, and usability to best realize their dreams.

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